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 Hello, World!

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PostSubject: Hello, World!   Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:17 pm

Hey there, I'm Pepper - the founder of Kasaria! c:

Kasaria was formed under several entirely different ideas back when the free adopt site maker MyAdopts was still around. As I learned and practiced more skills, I quickly realized that I couldn't do what I wanted on MyAdopts, and needed to really reach out and work hard to create what I wanted. The Kasaria of today wouldn't be here without all of the amazing minds of the staff and fans along the way!

There have been some tough times, but it's generally been a blast and I'm very excited to reach out to the fanbase as we shape up in the game's last development stages Really Happy

Pepper Fun Facts
You're a Star! I've been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, with inspiration from my grandpa who painted and made comics for the local paper. I started digital art around 2010, but I think my most improvement has come from the past 2-3 years.

You're a Star! I currently have two dogs. Sadie, a Jack Russell / Rat Terrier mix (who we sometimes call Pepper Head!), and Buddy, who seems to be a Feist and Corgi mix (though he shows a few signs of overbreeding so who knows what else his family lines have).

You're a Star! I will be attending SCAD! My skills and resources should expand considerably, though it will be financially harder to grow Kasaria for a while. It might slow down, but it won't stop!

You're a Star! I will accept treat bribes

The Laws of Puppics do not apply to my dogs apparently.
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Hello, World!
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