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 What is Book Ink? [README]

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PostSubject: What is Book Ink? [README]   Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:44 pm

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What is Book Ink?

Book Ink is a company on Kasaria that helps everyday Kasarians get their works published. Types of publications include short stories, articles, comics, and more! Collaborations are welcome.

Currently, only a limited amount of works will be accepted at a time.

How do I submit my work?

First, create a thread with your work. You may keep it open for some time to gather comments and critique, but you'll need to post a link to your thread to the Submissions Thread.

It will then be reviewed for technical things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but it will also be judged to make sure it would make sense to be added to Kasaria. The guidelines below explain further.

You will then be messaged to notify you of your work's acceptance, or if it is rejected (and why). If there are errors that need to be corrected, you may fix them and resubmit.

World Guidelines

Refer to our Wiki for species-specific information and more!

A few extra notes...
- Technology is very limited. Everyday people on Kasaria cannot have technological luxuries like we're used to today on Earth. Some forms of technology are still accessible (old school polaroid cameras, walkie talkies, etc), but most high tech is used (and created) by Gaea Corp's scientists. Batteries and satellites are expensive and intrusive to the planet, and therefore limited.

- Following the above rule, some other Earth items were not transported over or haven't yet found their way into Kasaria. Travelers can bring some unusual things as personal belongings when they move to Kasaria though, even if it might not work in the new world!

Any specific questions? Feel free to ask!

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What is Book Ink? [README]
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